Micro Pencil Art

Pencil Micro Art is not about the size of the Gift,but the Heart that gave it. ... Its HAND CARVED with special knives and needles under a strong source of Light, removing tiny specks of Graphite(the pencil lead) at a time. Small is Awesome.

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Maximum 11 Letters Only 🙂

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We Create Awesome Micro Pencil
Art For Your Names

The most intriguing of all are the variations of pencil carving art does! It's not on paper but a literal wooden pencil which is carved slowly and a scalpel is used to shape the graphite inside. You can get your favourite person's name carved. Micro Arts also does string art. Get your nameplate done with threads or get that lovable quote stamped.

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Micro Pencil Art
Description You can add upto 11 Letters
Price ₹ 900
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